Jugend Siger Brandenburg, Lab Fairytale´s Join the Circus




Født/Born 31.01.2022

DKK reg Nr: DK01951/2022


AD: 0/0

Farve sort/Black EeBB does not carry Chocolate (BY)

Eyes: Clear 19/4- 2023

EIC: N/N Clear

PRA:  N/N Normal/Clear 

SD2: N/N Normal Clear 

CNM: N/N Normal Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy N/N Normal Clear

OSD: N/N Normal Clear

HNPK: N/HNPK Carrier

Langhårsgen/Long coat: L/l Carrier

Full dentition and correct bite







Junior CAC

3 x Cac intermediate class DRC

BOB - From Junior Class, Seestow 22.04.2023 DRC Judge Carol Coode (GB)


Højre albue: 0

Venstre albue: 0

Hofter: A/A

Sille 16 months